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In case you wish to receive a citizenship of another state, it is important for you to begin the process of terminating the citizenship of Georgia

Required documents:

  1. Filled out Application form;
  2. Proof of Georgian citizenship (Copy of passport or identification card);
  3. If you are between the ages of 18 and 27 – Copy of a military ticket, or the military service postponement document, or a document of dismissal from the necessary military services;
  4. 2 passport-size photos (3x4cm, printed);
  5. If you are terminating the citizenship of a minor – please provide a copy of birth certificate and a confirmation letter from the legal guardian;
  6. If you have changed your first or last name – please provide a copy of document confirming the change of name/last name;
  7. A document confirming that you are in the process of receiving another state’s citizenship.

Payment for the services is required after a citizen receives a registration number for the application