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Marriage is the voluntary union of a man and a woman registered in compliance with the Georgian legislation.

Only citizens of Georgia or stateless persons with respective status in Georgia can apply for registration of marriage at the Consulate. The registration of marriage and the issue of respective certificate are part of one and the same procedure.

Persons intending to marry should indicate in their application that there is no impediment to their marriage, that they are aware of each other’s health status, previous marriage(s), if any, and child(ren) born in previous marriage(s), if any.

Marriage can be registered in the presence of the persons intending to marry and at least two capable adult witnesses. Registration of marriage by proxy is not allowed.

Marriage age is 18. A person having reached 16 years can only enter into marriage by consent of his/her statutory representative or by court decision.

Consent of persons intending to marry is required for registration of marriage.

Upon registration of marriage either the husband or the wife can choose to change his or her surname to the other person's surname. Either the husband or the wife, or both, can decide to combine their two last names.

Marriage is registered within 10 days of filing the application.

Persons intending to register marriage must file a respective application with the Georgian Consulate. Such application may be filed by proxy. Prior to appearing at the Consulate General, an appointment must be made.

A list of documents to be submitted:

  1. ID cards of persons intending to marry, certifying their citizenship of Georgia;
  2. Document certifying dissolution/ annulment of previous marriage(s), if any;
  3. Identity cards of witnesses;
  4. In case of registration by proxy – a proxy form and an ID card of a person acting as proxy.

Note: Any document issued by the authorities of any other country must be verified in a due manner, certified by an Apostille (List of issuing authorities of apostilles).

A special rule applies to court decisions of a foreign country, which, upon certification, are subject to acceptance by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Note: Any document issued by the authorities of any other country may be filed in Georgian, English or Russian. If the translation is provided by respective bodies of the foreign country, certification procedures indicated above will also apply to the translated copies of documents.

If the competent authority of a foreign country registers the fact of birth, the consulate cannot re-register it except in special circumstances.

For detailed information see Repeated Registration of Civil Status Acts.