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Granting Citizenship of Georgia by way of exception

In order to apply for a dual citizenship the following documents must be presented at the Consulate General of Georgia in New York

  1. An application formaddressed to the Georgian President (It is important to note that all questions on the application must be fully answered);
  2. Copy of a birth certificate (if the applicant was born in Georgia). If an applicant was born abroad, a birth certificate translated into a Georgian langauge (certified by a notary office) and certified by an apostille;
  3. Copy of a Georgian passport (if applicable);
  4. Copy of a foreign passport;
  5. In case of change of name or surname, translated copy of a foreign passport (certified by a notary office within the country of residence);
  6. If an applicant’s name or surname has legally changed, a copy of the marriage certificate or document on the basis of which the name  or surname was changed must be submitted, translated, and apostilled by a relevant U.S. institution. If a marriage certificate does not show name or surname change, the appropriate agencies must provide proof of name or surname change. The document of proof must be translated into Georgian and apostilled;
  7. If a change of name or surname has taken place in an applicant’s foreign passport, a certified copy by the notary office of the receiving country is mandatory;
  8. 2 passport size photos;
  9. Georgian oath of citizenship;
  10. Two recommendation letters. The recommenders must be Georgian citizens and they must present proof of Georgia citizenship by providing copies of valid passports or identity cards;
  11. If the applicant is a minor, parental consent is mandatory. A letter of consent may be completed at the Consulate General if parents of the minor are able to appear in person. If parents are not able to visit the Consulate General in person, they may have the letter of consent completed and apostilled by a local notary office;
  12. The Consulate General must receive a letter from the applicant stating a request for dual citizenship. The Consulate General will aid the applicant with the dual citizenship process.

After the SSDA database uploads the applicant’s documents, each applicant will receive a registration number and code. The Consulate General will notify the applicant once a registration number and code are generated and released. Once the case number and code are presented to the applicant, the applicant must pay a fee of 250₾ (Georgian Lari) to the House of Justice.

The documents mentioned above can be delivered in person or mailed to the Consulate General (Address: 144 East 44th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10017).

Please take into consideration the following information:

  1. The application form for dual citizenship and attached documents must be submitted in Georgian. Documents submitted in a foreign language must be notarized or accompanied by a certified Georgian translation.
  2. Documents issued in a foreign state must be submitted in a hard copy format. All foreign documents presented at the Consulate General must be apostilled unless otherwise requested by a Georgian international treaty or agreement.