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Georgian Government and People Stand with Ukraine Against Russian Aggression

All of Georgia stands with Ukraine as Russia launches an attack against Ukraine and the international rules-based order. In this effort, the Georgian government and people are united.

President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili expressed Georgia’s complete support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Today is a tragic day for Ukraine. Although it did its best to maintain peace until the end, it could not avoid full-scale Russian aggression,” Georgia’s President said. She added, “Today, when it is trying to cope with this difficult situation, Georgia stands by its side.”

Prime Minister Garibashvili condemned the Russian military aggression on Ukraine, saying that it is an “unacceptable” act. “We stand with Ukraine. A military attack on a sovereign country is unacceptable,” the Prime Minister said shortly after the invasion. He added, “We call on the international community to apply all possible measures to stop blatant violation of international order by Russia and avoid further military escalation.”

These remarks are echoed by the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs David Zalkaliani, who said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is “totally intolerable” and called on international partners to give a “strict response” to Russian aggression. “Military aggression launched by Russia against Ukraine is totally intolerable. We [stand with Ukraine] and call on our international partners to give a strict response to the violation of the international law by Russia and ensure the de-escalation of the situation.”

Shalva Papuashvili, the Speaker of Parliament, also met with the Ukrainian Ambassador to Georgia Ihor Dolhov, where he reiterated Georgia’s strong support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Met Ukraine’s Ambassador to Georgia Ihor Dolhov to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine. Once again demonstrating our solidarity to the Ukrainian people,” he remarked after the meeting. The importance of an effective and resilient response and coordinated cooperation from the international community was discussed in detail.

In Georgia, Russia continues to mount aggression on a daily basis and occupies 20% of Georgian sovereign territories. Georgia condemns the illegal actions of Russia in attacking the territorial integrity and sovereignty of its neighbors and in attempting to undermine the international rules-based order.