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There are cases when the documents issued by the Georgian state agencies have to be used on the territories of foreign countries or the documents issued by foreign countries have to be used in Georgia. In this regard, the Consulate General of Georgia is equipped to translate documents from Georgian to a foreign language or vice versa.

You may receive the service by visiting the Consulate General in person or sending all the necessary documents by mail.

Visiting in person

In order to translate your documents by visiting the consulate, you need to make an appointment.

Make an Appointment

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Please bring the following documents at the consulate:

1) Copy of a passport or ID card;

2) Document(s) to be translated.

The service fee for translating and certifying one page is 10 USD. All fees must be paid by money order written out to the Consulate General of Georgia in New York.


Please submit and print an E-application (Please chose the mail service while filling out the application).  

Submit E - Application

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Please send the following documents to the Consulate General of Georgia in New York (Address: 144 East 44th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10017)

1) Copy of the document(s) to be translated;

2) Copy of a passport or ID card;

3) Money order(s) (10 USD for every page).